JUDE is proud to offer a variety of value-added services. We can help you finish sewing, cutting, hole punching, laser cutting services and more at our manufacturing and assembly facility.


We offer complete and custom sewing services. Our trained sewing technicians have many years of sewing experience, with good quality sewing equipment, and provide our customers with the highest quality products.

Hot & Cold Cutting

Cold and hot cut webbing to specified length.

We can custom cut webbing to your length specifications for large or small quantities. Avoid waste and scrap webbing by having our custom cutting professionals do the work for you. Pre-cutting cuts your labor cost dramatically by eliminating measuring and cutting.

Include cold cut as well as cut and fuse (heat sealed) ends on webbing and cord.

Webbing Cutting | JUDE Webbing
Holes Punching | JUDE Webbing

Hole Punching

We the ability to match hole specifications using our automated punching and Laser Cutting Services.

Laser Cutting Services

JUDE has the capacity to provide webbing laser cutting services for your custom manufacturing needs.

Laser Cutting | JUDE Webbing

In addition to these customized services, if you need to customize shipping methods, packaging and inventory planning, please contact us.