JUDE fight COVID-19

To our valued customers and partners,  

The process of jude company cooperating with the Chinese people to fight covid-19 has achieved great victory. Our company has completely restored the production scale of the past, producing for customers' orders day and night.
JUDE has been following the situation of covid-19 all over the world. And we believe: Your determination to defeat covid-19, Supported by our national professional medical team, our medical material assistance, the victory over covid-19 is just around the corner.
JUDE continues to be fully operational and is committed to maintaining the level of service that our professional and passionate team understands and expects. We will follow all protocols to maintain a healthy and safe working environment. We encourage you to continue to place orders based on your needs, and our team will work with you on appropriate delivery dates. 
Best Regards,
Mr. Xie
CEO/Founder, JUDE