What is Webbing?

What is Webbing?


It is made from various yarns as raw materials for narrow or tubular fabrics. Varying width and fibres, often used in place of steel wire, rope or chain.

Classification of Webbing

Divided by material: Nylon / Tetoron / PP polypropylene / acrylic / cotton / polyester / gold and silver onion / spandex / light silk / rayon etc.

Divided by the weaving method: Plain, twill, satin, mottled

Divided by the nature of use: Clothing webbing, shoe webbing, luggage webbing, safety webbing, other special webbing

Divided by the characteristics of webbing: Elastic webbing and non-elastic webbing

Divided by process: There are two main types of woven belts and knitted belts.

Application of Webbing

Outdoor supplies industry: Mountaineering camping safety belts, climbing backpack belts, tents, personal protective equipment.

Sports fitness industry: Sports bags, fitness equipment, children's traction ropes.

Pet supplies industry: Pet leash, pet collar, pet harness.

Military security industry: Military police fire, parachute safety belt.

Luggage: Gift box carrying straps, bags, handbags, luggage straps.

Crafts industry: Camera/MP3/MP4/U disk strap, ID tag strap, Keychain webbing

Apparel industry: Watch ribbons, wrist straps, clothing accessories, belts.

Industrial car: Car seat belts, industrial lifting.